5 Easy Ways To Stretch Your Small Living Room.

A small living room can often be stressful and frustrating. I can also feel like a designed dead sentence, but I assure you that it is not the case! Indeed, it should be viewed as a fun challenge. A priority should be to optimize the space for comfort and functionality. That means getting more out of your small living room and expanding your living space (or at least creating the illusion of a larger space). Here are five easy ways and hacks for your small living room.

Reconsider your coffee or side table

The following are the essentials for a living room: A sofa, side tables, accent chair/s, and a coffee table are all available. But consider this: you might not need a coffee table. There are, in fact, smaller, more versatile, and modular options that will work just as well in your limited space.

For More Ideas: https://www.pinterest.com/janellehoskins1/coffee-and-end-tables/

Try these alternatives:

Poufs: For a more solid surface to place beverages or accessories, place a tray on top of a small pouf. Voila! You have a ‘coffee table’ as well as additional seating without sacrificing too much living space.

Choose an ottoman with hidden storage. Add a tray to a pouf and you’ve got a place to rest your drinks as well as extra storage space.

Stools for the garden: These can save a lot of space (and money) because they are often small and compact. There is no tray required here. Garden stools are strong and durable.

Benches and coffee tables are roughly the same height (roughly 18′′ from floor to surface), so consider using a backless bench that is a bit more slender than a table. This move works especially well in a small space.

Absolutely nothing: The so-called living room essentials are a good place to start, but consider how you use your living room space. Do you usually keep your belongings on the side table? Is the coffee table merely a decorative piece with no real purpose other than to obstruct your path? If it’s not serving you or your room, it’s time to get rid of it!

Choose An Apartment-Size Sofa

For More Ideas: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/35747390768663441/

A sofa category designed specifically for small spaces! If you think you have to settle for a loveseat due to a lack of space, think again! Here comes the apartment-sized sofa. Styles, colors, and price points are all available.

A typical full-size sofa can range in size from 70′′ to 96′′. Loveseats range in size from 52′′ to 64′′, so this special “apartment” category fills the gap.

Apt2B has a ton of modern and stylish Apartment Sized sofas you can customize! If you’re looking for that sweet spot between a full-sized sofa and a loveseat, Apt2B is where it’s at.

Always Aim For Double-Duty Pieces.

For More Ideas: https://www.pinterest.com/srroberts7/practical-space-saving-or-double-duty-furnishings/

When working with small spaces, multifunctional furniture is invaluable. Every room should have a unique piece! There are several double-duty options for small living rooms:

  • Sleeper Sofas
  • Storage coffee tables
  • Storage Side Tables
  • A Bookshelf Room Divider

Make My Space Look Wide and Tall With A Mirror Mirror On The Wall

You know the drill around here. Mirrors are deceptive little gems with the ability to expand any cramped nook (visually, of course). Install a medium-to-large mirror in your small living room to give the impression of more space. Those huge floor mirrors are stunning! Place them against a wall for a sophisticated and dramatic look.

For More Ideas: https://www.pinterest.com/zchomedesign/mirror-ideas/

Where to place mirrors in your small living room?

  • Above your sofa
  • Opposite or next to your window – This will not only create the illusion of a larger space, but it will also bounce natural light around the room, brightening up your small space.
  • On the floor leaning against the wall
  • Behind a light source like a table lamp
  • Create a gallery wall with different sizes and shapes of mirrors
  • Use Mirrored Furniture

Go Big With Rugs. Yes. BIG!

One of the most common mistakes I see in small living rooms is this. People believe that everything, including the rug, should be small. When it comes to decorating small spaces, finding the right balance is crucial. Large objects add interest and can even give the impression of a larger space. One of them is rugs!

So, if you think you can only get a 58-inch rug for your small living room, think again.

Scale up to an 810 and watch the magic unfold. An 810 rug will ensure that the majority of your seating is on the rug. It may occupy the majority of your floor space, but this is a good thing. If you require proof, click here and swipe.

Throw Storage On The Walls

Add wall-mounted shelves and storage to free up floor space. Choose storage that is both functional and fashionable. Storage that also serves as decor is always a win-win situation in small spaces. Here are some suggestions for wall-mounted storage.

For More Ideas: https://www.pinterest.com/spaceoptimized/wall-storage/

Other than shelves, here are a few items you can place on your walls:

  • Wall-mounted bookcases
  • Floating entertainment center
  • Floating TV stand
  • Hang your TV on the wall
  • A wall-mounted desk

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