Small Bathroom Design Wall Ideas: 9 Inspiring Looks You Should Try!

Looking for ideas for small bathroom design walls? I’ve got your back! An accent wall can definitely help a small bathroom. Creating an eye-catching focal point will detract from the room’s smallness and can even make your small bathroom appear and feel larger (think 3D wallpaper murals).

These small bathroom accent walls contain some truly inspiring and creative design wall ideas to assist you in transforming your space.

What’s Included In This Roundup?

  • Creative Accent Wall Ideas
  • Wallpaper Accent Wall Ideas
  • Dark Accent Wall Ideas For Small Bathrooms

Let’s get inspired!

19 Inspiring Accent Wall Designs For Small Bathrooms

Add A Modern Geometric Accent Wall

Bathroom design

Make a statement with a geometric accent wall design. This small bathroom is absolutely stunning!

Keep It Simple With A Color-Block Accent Wall

Bathroom design


Color-blocking is a fun technique to try out. A small painted corner on one wall adds a lot of character to this space. This is a low-cost and quick way to add an accent wall to your space. It’s also a chance to be creative. Using this technique, experiment with different geometric patterns and colors. Your small bathroom will be transformed by a color-block accent wall!

Artistic Bathroom Accent Wall

Bathroom design


More into the arts? Why not make your own personal piece of art for your bathroom accent wall? An art wall is an excellent way to create something unique and memorable. If you’re not an artist but like the look of an art wall, a large art mural will make the ideal art accent wall.

Wood Panel Bathroom Accent Wall


Try a wood panel feature wall for a more rustic, natural bathroom design. Wood panel wallpaper will achieve the same effect for renters.

Half Accent Wall


To add dimension to a small bathroom, try a half-design wall. This option is ideal if you want to add a small but impactful block of color without overwhelming the space. A half-accent wall is also ideal if you want to use dark paint in your small bathroom. See more examples of dark bathroom accent walls below!

Slated Feature Wall


Create Shower Accent Wall


Use patterned tile to create a design wall inside your bathroom shower. Choose a striking design or create a one-of-a-kind tile pattern, such as the herringbone tile on the right.

Try A Gallery Accent Wall


Instead of painting, make a gallery accent wall to spruce up your bathroom. This is a quick, simple, and adaptable recipe. When you’re ready to redecorate, simply swap out the artwork!

Geometric Feature Wall


For a modern, luxe bathroom design, try a bold geometric accent wall with gold designs.

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